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020 _a9781891868696
040 _aDLC
050 _aBQ4710.A84
_bT573 2017
100 1 _aThubten Zopa,
245 1 0 _aAbiding in the retreat :
_ba nyung nä commentary /
_ccompiled and edited by Ailsa Cameron.
260 _aBoston :
_bLama Yeshe Wisdom Archive,
300 _axv, 192 p. ;
_c23 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
520 _a“Nyung nä is a practice that is very easy to do and yet has unbelievable power. There is extraordinary benefit in doing nyung näs. Everybody should definitely attempt to do nyung nä practice, this powerful method of purification. You shouldn’t regard nyung nä practice as unimportant and be careless about it. You must practice it, and from your heart you must recite OM MANI PADME HUM. “Doing this practice is an unbelievably powerful way to collect the most extensive merit and to purify the negative karmas collected during beginningless rebirths. Doing that is a most powerful way to develop realizations, especially compassion for sentient beings. Doing Chenrezig meditation-recitation can really purify any negative karma and is the quickest way to achieve enlightenment. Don’t miss the opportunity to do this practice. And the harder you find it to do, the better it is, because you will purify more negative karma. As well as bringing powerful purification, however, it helps you to develop so much compassion for sentient beings.
600 0 0 _aAvalokiteśvara
_c(Buddhist deity)
_zTibet Region.
650 0 _aSpiritual life
650 0 _aBuddhism
700 1 _aCameron, Ailsa.
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